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Packages of Ribella Products to Deprived Large Families
Company DTD Ribarstvo has donated 40 packages of products – fish pates, semi-finished Ribella meals and fish to the most economically deprived large families in Banatsko Aranđelovo, Lovćenac and the Humanitarian Centre “Queen Mary” in Novi Sad. This donation is worth RSD 200.000. The packages distributed delighted the children most, and on this occasion a short lecture was held to them on how healthy the fish is and how often we should include fish in our diet. According to the words of the President of the Local Community Council of Banatsko Aranđelovo, Dragan Nedeljkov, these activities are of great help to the households whose existence is endangered in these times. The company DTD Ribarstvo shows its responsible attitude to society, and to the environment in which it operates through continued activities which include support to the economically deprived but also to institutions and individuals who contribute to a better community life.
Monday, September 16th, 2013
DTD Ribarstvo at “Harvest Days” in Subotica
Company DTD Ribarstvo took part at “Harvest Days” organized in Palić on 14th and 15th September. Fruit, vegetable and wine exhibition was complemented by Houmous and fish pate Ribella tasting. In addition to the exhibition of honey, cheese presentation and exhibition of plant nurseries, the event traditionally marked the end of works in orchards and vineyards.
Thursday, September 12th, 2013
Company DTD Ribarstvo Participated at “Fish Fest” Event
Company DTD Ribarstvo participated at the 7th International fishing event “Fish Fest” near Nebojša Tower in Belgrade. We used the nice weather and great attendance of the event to present the Ribella’s “Fish Soup Set” to the visitors, while the attendees had the opportunity to taste fish pates and houmous.
The company sponsored one day of the event, and the participants competed in preparing the chowder made of carp from DTD’s fish ponds.
Tuesday, September 10th, 2013
Fish Market at Futoška Market Opened
Renovated fish market “Ribomarket – Fish & Grill” at Futoška Market began its work. Smoked, frozen program, fresh quality fish and houmous, as well as other wide range of products of this company are in the fridges and on the shelves of the facility, while the consumers will definitely be delighted by constant and various discounts.
All reconstruction works have been completed, and new, modern equipment and pleasant interior design will satisfy the most refined of customer tastes.
Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013
“Beehive of Friendship” and DTD Ribarstvo
In cooperation with DTD Ribarstvo, the Citizens Association “Košnica” (Beehive) organized the sports and ecological camp “Beehive of Friendship” at Bregalnička Jama for the ninth time. Our company helped the realization of this year’s camp through donation of fish and fish products, and the children had a chance to enjoy healthy food and pleasant atmosphere. With this gesture, the company and “Košnica” promote the idea of humanity and remind us of the social responsibility of the community to children.
Wednesday, June 12th, 2013
Company DTD Ribarstvo at VI International Conference on Fisheries “Water & Fish”
The company DTD Ribarstvo took part at the VI International Conference on Fisheries “Water & Fish” which was held from 12th to 14th June at the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade. Along with the company DTD Ribarstvo, the leading names in world aquaculture participated as invited lecturers. The main topics of the Conference included the importance of aquatic environment and living organisms inhabiting them, the importance of aquaculture and fisheries in general.
Monday, May 20th, 2013
Company DTD Ribarstvo Wins Six Gold Medals for its Products

At the 80th International Agricultural Fair, the company DTD Ribarstvo won six gold medals:

Big Gold Medal – Extruded trout food “Riboks”
Big Gold Medal – Carp steaks
Gold Medal – Smoked silver carp steak
Gold Medal – Fish meatballs in tomato sauce
Gold Medal – Fish burgers with mashed potatoes
Gold Medal – Tuna pate

Monday, April 29th, 2013
Company DTD Ribarstvo at SPREG Fair in Valjevo
Company DTD Ribarstvo presented its product range at the Economy Fair of Kolubara District held from 25th to 27th April in Omi Centre in Valjevo.
On this occasion, a large number of visitors had a chance to try six flavours of Houmous, as well as the three kinds of fish pates currently produced by the company and to learn about the products of the Ribella brand. The Fair is organized for the tenth time in a row, and more than 800 exhibitors have participated so far.
Thursday, April 18th, 2013
Company Receives Award for Significant Economic Achievements in Vojvodina

Company DTD Ribarstvo was granted the Award by the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina Province for significant achievements in Vojvodina. The award is a traditional prize awarded since 1964 to business companies and individuals who achieved significant business results in extremely hard economic conditions by putting in enormous efforts, knowledge and abilities.
This highly acclaimed prize, awarded for the 50th time this year, is a major boost for the company DTD Ribarstvo to continue achieving new business successes by hard work and efforts.
In its long history, this award of the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina Province has been granted to 650 companies, or business and 300 individuals.
Thursday, March 7th, 2013
Company DTD Ribarstvo at the Food and Drink Fair – Foodrex Culinaria
Company DTD Ribarstvo presented its product range Ribella at the food and drink fair Foodrex Culinaria held from 4th to 6th March in Belgrade. The visitors had the opportunity to taste Ribella carp and silver carp fish pate as well as six flavours of chickpea spread – Houmous: natural, “Urnebes” (spicy salad), cumin, curry, corn and pumpkin seed. During the fair, the company had discussions with representatives from Jordan, Syria and Russian Federation, and the negotiations related to the future cooperation with these countries are still in progress.
Monday, March 4th, 2013
Education and Training of DTD Ribarstvo Employees
Company DTD Ribarstvo held the training in the premises of its Fish Processing Factory for people employed in retail facilities of the company. In addition to professional lectures about the products, new range of products, methods of trade, resolution of customer and byer complaints, the workers visited the entire company and socialized at the joint company lunch organized on this occasion.
Wednesday, February 13th, 2013
Company DTD Ribarstvo at the Fair in Moscow
Company DTD Ribarstvo took part at the 20th International Food and Drink Exhibition “Prodekspo 2013” in Moscow, which was held from 10th to 15th February. The entire range of Ribella products was presented to the visitors of the fair on this occasion. DTD Ribarstvo is one of 22 Serbian companies which took part in this event visited by 60.000 people on average. Participation of the Serbian businesses at this fair was organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for 17th time in a row, and “Prodekspo” accounts for the largest exhibition event in Russia and Eastern Europe.
Friday, January 18th, 2013
Company DTD Ribarstvo Visits the Family Brdar in Čelarevo
Company DTD Ribarstvo has visited the family Brdar in Čelarevo and has donated the packages of Ribella products and a symbolic sum of RSD 10.000. Jelena and her boys have showed that the warmth of home is made only of the people who live there, and their smiles have said more than a thousand words.
Thursday, December 27th, 2012
Santa Claus Brings Joy to Children
Company DTD Ribarstvo delighted the children of the company employees by New Year’s gifts. Satisfied smiles on children’s faces were a sufficient proof that Santa Claus met their expectations this year while the company traditionally proved that it is responsible both for its workers and for their offspring as well.
Thursday, November 15th, 2012
Company Receives Gold Medal of Quality
Within the scope of the European Week of Quality organized in Serbia for the ninth time in a row, the company DTD Ribarstvo was awarded the Gold Plaque for its contribution to quality development.
This recognition of proven quality was awarded to the company by the United Association of Serbia for Quality (Jedinstveno udruženje Srbije za kvalitet (JUSK)), while the papers related to quality in various fields (industry, health, agriculture, education etc.), as well as the national quality-related strategy were presented during the conference which was held at the Faculty of Technical Sciences.
The motto of this year’s Quality Week is “Key Factor – Quality”.
Wednesday, October 17th, 2012
Humanity in Action
On World Food Day on 16th October, and International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on 17th October, the company DTD Ribarstvo visited the Kraljica Marija Humanitarian Centre in Novi Sad and donated food packages containing Ribella products.
According to Milan Ostojić, one of the founders of the institution, this humanitarian centre addresses the social and health problems faced by the most vulnerable segments of the population, and is currently taking care of 189 people, families with up to 12 members in the process of pursuing their social assistance rights and currently without any income.
DTD Ribarstvo's humane gesture has shown that it truly cares for people in need and has set an example that should be followed.
Wednesday, October 10th, 2012
Retail Store in Pančevo Renovated
Fans of DTD Ribarstvo products can now make their purchases in the renovated retail store in Pančevo, which opened for business on Monday, 15th October 2012.

The renovation work has been completed, and the new and modern equipment and pleasant interior design are expected to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes of our fish and fish product connoisseurs.

The fresh, frozen and smoked product ranges as well as our ready-to-cook meals are only a part of this company’s rich selection, which can be found in the refrigerators and on the shelves in store, and customers will undoubtedly be delighted with our constant and diverse range of special offers and promotions.
Friday, September 21st, 2012
Maximum Customer Care
DTD Ribarstvo Bački Jarak has introduced the International Food Standard (IFS) which ensures customers get products of the highest safety and quality.
Since 2003, IFS has been applied by French, German and Italian retail food chains. Nine out of ten largest European food chains use IFS as their food safety standard.
The International Food Standard, which is awarded by Germany’s LACON Institute, reviews existing good sales practice and enhances the power of a brand in addition to the already existing food safety standards.
The benefit and purpose of IFS to enable a common standard with a single control system so that the whole supply chain can be monitored while decreasing costs and saving suppliers and retail chains’ time.
By introducing the IFS standard, DTD Ribarsvo has demonstrated that it high values both the quality and safety of its products and its customers.
The IFS standard is an upgrade of the EN ISO 9001:2008 standard with HACCP principles, which the company also possesses because they also pertain to customers. This standard guarantees that each product is controlled using the same principle thereby ensuring more efficient operations and increased competitiveness in the domestic and international markets.

In addition to previously obtained export certificates for DTD Ribarstvo products under the brand RIBELLA for the European Union and the Russian Federation, this standard will enable DTD Ribarstvo to also export fish products from Serbia to the largest European food retail chains.
Tuesday, August 28th, 2012
DTD Ribarstvo at the International Agricultural – Food Fair in Slovenia
As part of the “Best from Vojvodina” project, the Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture, as the leader of this project, organised a joint appearance at the 50th AGRA International Agricultural and Food Industry and Machinery Fair in Gornja Radgona (Republic of Slovenia).

Beside companies whose products bear the “Best from Vojvodina” mark, two clusters – the Agricultural and Food Cluster and the Fruška Gora Cluster of Winemakers and Vine Growers, alongside the Tourist Organisation of Vojvodina and two companies interested in penetrating the Slovenian market, Majevica-Poljooprema from Bačka Palanka and DTD Ribarstvo from Bački Jarak also presented themselves at the Fair in Gornja Radgona, which was held from 25 to 30 August.

The Vojvodina stand was visited by Slovenian President Danilo Türk, Serbian Ambassador to Slovenia Aleksandar Radovanović and the Dutch, Greek and Bosnian ambassadors to Slovenia as well as by many other representatives of Slovenian institutions and companies.
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Monday, August 27th, 2012
Jelko Kacin visited company DTD Ribarstvo
from Backi Jarak
The European Parliament’s Rapporteur for Serbia Jelko Kacin on August 26th 2012. was on an official visit company DTD Ribarstvo Backi Jarak.

Kacin J. met with Tomislav Djordjevic and together visited the plant for the production of fish feed "Riboks" and fish processing plant "Ribella" in Backi Jarak.
Monday, June 25th, 2012
DTD Ribarstvo is introducing IFS
DTD Ribarstvo is due to growing consumer demands, increased accountability sellers, globalization, and the tightening of legal obligations, it is necessary to introduce a uniform standard for quality assurance and ensuring food security.

IFS is a standard of quality and standard of food safety in one developed to verify the competence of the manufacturer in terms of food security and food quality with the help of an instrument or standard, saving time and money.

The goal of IFS is to create a consistent evaluation system for all companies that supply the retail trade with food. This is mainly related to brands of large retail chains

Uniform standard and uniform way to evaluate the quality of suppliers, reducing the need for retailers to independent checks. For retailers, supply chain management is becoming a consistent and efficient. It reduces the process costs and enhance security for customers, suppliers and customers.
The implementation of IFS can be the ticket to round supplier of large retail chains, but also a chance to demonstrate their commitment to food safety and quality of its legality, and to work on continuous improvement.
Standard can be applied to the suppliers at all stages of food processing, except for agricultural production. Requirements related to the quality management system (ISO) and the HACCP system.

At this point most IFS certificates were issued in Europe, but thanks to globalization, the number of IFS certificate in the world is constantly increasing and DTD Ribarstvo is certain that it will soon become part of this great system of operations.
Thursday, June 14th, 2012
DTD Ribarstvo awarded the prestigious
Business Partner recognition 2012th
DTD Ribarstvo awarded the prestigious Business Partner for 2012.

This way, once again thank all the businessmen in Serbia who have recognized the quality of our products, professional approach to work and customer responsiveness and voted for our company.
Friday, May 11th, 2012
DTD Ribarstvo awarded medals
at the 79th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad
DTD Ribarstvo products have been awarded medals for quality at the 79th International Agriculture Fair in Novi Sad.
Medals were presented to company representatives at a ceremony before the event.

"Ribella" products, according to expert assessment committee to assess the quality, have won five medals:

Seafood risotto - Great Gold Medal for Champion quality in the product
Set for fish stew - Gold Medal
Fish frankfurter - Silver medal
Fish pâté carp - Silver medal
Smoked fish sausage - Bronze medal

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012
DTD Ribarstvo helped large families
in the municipality of Novi Kneževac
Company DTD Ribarstvo presented the 20 packages of Fish pâté large families in Banatsko Aranđelovo where food aid is needed. Packages that are distributed in most areas of the local community were happy kids, who are representatives of the company in an interesting conversation to explain how the fish in the diet is important for balanced development of children. The event was attended by representatives of Novi Kneževac, noting that the common goal of these actions progress of society as a whole.

- For a small environment such as Banatsko Aranđelovo is very important that these and similar activities to be more. We appreciate the goodwill of the company DTD Ribarstvo to help packages of Fish pâté families with several children. Such assistance is, at this point, they were most needed - said Peter Jancic, adviser to the president of Novi Kneževac.

Responsible attitude towards society and the environment in which the company operates DTD Ribarstvo shows continuous actions include support for institutions and individuals who by their example and contribute to a better quality of life of the community in which they live and work.

Action division of the package of Fish pâté in the future will be organized in all other local areas in which DTD Ribarstvo operates.
Tuesday, March 6th, 2012
The decision on the categorization
of fishing waters "Begečka jama"
and issuance of permits for charity recreational fishing
DTD Ribarstvo is on 06.03.2012. adopted a decision on the categorization of fishing waters "Begečka jama" and granting charity for recreational fishing licenses for fishing area "Begečka jama" on the water fishing within the Nature Park "Begečka jama".

According to the Regulations on the classification of fishing waters ("Official Gazette" No. 10/2012) Fishing waters of fishing area "Begečka jama" is categorized into other categories of fishing waters.

Price supplemental license for recreational fishing in 2012. year on the water fishing "Begečka jama" is 1,700.00 RSD VAT.
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Monday, December 26th, 2011
Licence to export into the EU
On December 22, 2011 DTD Ribarstvo from Bački Jarak got officially from the Ministry of agriculture, trade, forestry and water management licence to export fish and fish products to the European Union countries.
The Committee of this Ministry has determined that the Fish processing factory as well as the freezer in Bački Jarak fulfil all the veterinary-sanitary, general and special conditions for export into the EU countries markets.

The newly built Fish processing factory is fully compliant with the strictest European standards in the area of food safety. The highest system of hygienic protection has been implemented at the factory in all phases of fish processing. By applying the “from farm to fork“ concept, DTD Ribarstvo has merged farming, fish food production, breeding, processing and sale of fish and fish products. With this rounded concept, the company has enabled full control of all the production processes and enabled full control of the quality of its products in line with the highest European standards which guareantee production of “healthy food“ (HACCP and ISO 9001:2008).
Friday, December 23rd, 2011
Catholic Christmas in the municipality of Temerin
The company DTD Ribarstvo has taken part this year as well in the festive celebration of Christmas by the Catholic worshippers in the municipality of Temerin.

Traditionally, members of the Female initiative in Bački Jarak, prepared a real treat for this ocassion – smoked fish pie, which completely amazed those present with its size and taste. For this holiday, DTD Ribarstvo donated fish and fish pâtés from which the pies and other canapés were prepared and those present received appropriate gifts.

A representative of the Municipality of Temerin, Ljupko Todorović, congratulated Christmas to the employees in the Municipality and wished them a successful upcoming year. With festive Christmas atmosphere, people enjoyed the tasty treats prepared from the Ribella products.
Thursday, December 22nd, 2011
Annual prize of the
Serbian Chamber of commerce awarded
The company DTD Ribarstvo from Bački Jarak received the annual award of the Serbian Chamber of commerce for 2011 in the category of the most successful companies. DTD Ribarstvo was, in a decision of the Chamber award committee awarded for achieved results in economy and for its contribution to development of the economy of the Republic of Serbia. At this prestigious awards ceremony the president of the Chamber of commerce of Serbia, Miloš Bugarin, presented the award to Mirjana Srijemac, manager of DTD Ribarstvo.

By presenting these annual awards, the Serbian Chamber of commerce is trying to single out companies and individuals who have, with their good results and work marked the year for which the award is being presented.

Award recipients this year include “Jaffa“ Crvenka, “Žito Banat“ Vršac, PUC “Parking servis“ Novi Sad, “Frikom“ Belgrade and others.

Video nesw about this event is available on the followinglink.
Monday, November 21st, 2011
New product on the market – Set for fish stew
Christmas lent is about to start soon, when the diet of those following the rules of fasting is based on vegetables, cereal, fish dishes, vegetable oil and fruit. Nutritionists agree that with lean foods we may contribute a lot to our health. Lean menu is especially beneficial to heart and blood vessels, and the staple on tables is usually fish, which offers multiple benefits for the body.

In order to keep the diet as diverse as possible during this period, apart from the usually prepared fish, the homemakers with a hectic lifestyle are now presented with a product with an entirely new concept which makes fasting significantly easier – set for fish stew.

The set enables preparation of lean food in a short time and apart from the fish it contains pasta and a mix of spices with dried onion. Lean pasta guarantees absolute abiding by the rules of nutrition in this period. Meal preparation is very quick and easy and does not require experience and skills of expert cooks. It is suitable for modern homemakers who are able, after hard work, to prepare in only 25 minutes a tasty and healthy lunch, without the smells and side-effects of fish preparation at home. Low energy value and low fat content are among the main characteristics of this dish and the fish stew mix is especially suitable in children’s diet because the fish has no bones. The combination of spices is selected so that it is as similar as possible to the home-made cuisine and also contains no artificial colour and sweeteners.

The fact that such products have appeared is a proof that in contemporary lifestyle and quick everyday tempo it is necessary to facilitate the food preparation process to everyone who is fasting. Quality product which is safe to the health is the result of work of experts at the Fish processing factory of the company DTD Ribarstvo.
Friday, November 18th, 2011
Seminar – Perfecting the sales
Learning and development within the company is defined as continuous process and all employees are obliged to constantly develop their skills, follow the contemporary trends in business and conduct knowledge transfer onto their peers.

The employees are a corner stone of the success of the company DTD Ribarstvo from Bački Jarak and due to that reason care about employees is one of our main priorities.

This year as well DTD Ribarstvo have decided to invest in their employees and in cooperation with the company ASEE / Adizes SEE from Novi Sad organised a seminar – Perfecting the sales.
The training was organised in 2 days in the company premises in Bački Jarak, where sales techniques have been improved, as well as problem solving for customers and facilitating business with the company, techniques of recognising the styles of different people and adjusting to them as well as many other skills.

The employees have jointly “sold“ products, exchanged experiences from the field and heard news about today’s principles of sales. Enabling continuous development for each employee is the first step towards the creation of a company we wish to build in the future.
Monday, November 14th, 2011
Renovated fish market at the Liman market in Novi Sad
From November 12, 2011 in its new reconstructed facility at the Liman market in Novi Sad, DTD Ribarstvo is continuing with its tradition of selling fish.

Apart from traditional offer of live fresh water fish, the Fish market offers a wide range of sea products.
Within this contemporary selling location there is a fish roasting facility, so that customers may buy grilled or fried fish.

Working hours:
from 07:00 to 14:00h Tuesday-Saturday
from 07:00 to 13:00h Sunday

Orders are taken until 13 h on working days and until 12 h during the weekend, at the telephone number: 021 4893 234.
Friday, June 10th, 2011
Award of June prize of the
Regional commercial chamber Novi Sad
Regional commercial chamber Novi Sad, traditionally marked on June 09, 2011 the Day of the Chamber and awarded the June awards to companies and individuals who have achieved remarkable success in the previous year and considerably contributed to development of the economy of the region.

DTD Ribarstvo from Bački Jarak was among the 13 winners.
Monday, June 6th, 2011
DTD Ribarstvo organiser and participant in the activity
“Great clean-up of the Begečka jama”
DTD Ribarstvo took part in the activity of the Ministry of environment, mining and spatial planning in the scope of the initiative “Let’s clean up Serbia”.

It also organised large scale activity of clean-up of the Nature park „Begečka jama“ called “Great clean-up of the Begečka jama”.

The activity was held on Saturday 04.06.2011, and included as participants fishermen, inhabitants of that weekend settlement, representatives of the Regional institute for protection of nature, inspectors of the republic, autonomous and city inspection for protection of the environment, students of the Faculty of sport and physical education from Novi Sad.

Garbage from waters of the Begečka jama was cleaned, along the bank and embankment, as well as receiving point, beach and nearby wood. Garbage bags were dragged out from the embankment and from the woods onto the embankment and from water and the receiving point into the container. More than 100 large garbage bags were collected. Public utility company “Čistoća” took the garbage bags to a landfill in its trucks.

The activity was completed around 13 hours, and after that the lovers of Begečka jama gathered for lunch and some more socialising.

Sponsors of the activity were DTD Ribarstvo DOO Bački Jarak, Fishermen settlement „Begečka jama“, style house at Jama and Local community office Begeč from Begeč.
Friday, May 13th, 2011
DTD Ribarstvo at the agriculture fair in Novi Sad
DTD Ribarstvo invites you again this year to visit our pond at the Agriculture fair in Novi Sad.

Be our guests!
Monday, April 18th, 2011
DTD Ribarstvo winner of four medals at the upcoming
78th International agriculture fair
At the traditional ball before the International agriculture fair, held on April 15, 2011 at the Master centre of the Novi Sad fair, participants received rewards for the best products in the category „Quality of meat and meat products“.

For products of its trademark “Ribella“, DTD Ribarstvo received 4 medals:

Fish pâté silver carp – grand medal for champion of quality in a product group
Smoked side silver carp – gold medal
Fish pâté herring - silver medal
Smoked mackerel - silver medal
Saturday, December 11th, 2010
DTD Ribarstvo donated housing containers
for the victims of Kraljevo earthquake
A group of 16 entrepreneurs gathered around DTD Ribarstvo from Bački Jarak, the biggest producer in Temerin municipality, delivered to the mayor of Kraljevo two housing containers to be used by victims of the earthquake.

Before they had taken a decision on this donation, the entrepreneurs have, together with DTD Ribarstvo general manager Mirjana Srijemac, visited Kraljevo and surrounding places and in a conversation with the mayor Ljubiša Simović learned that this type of assistance is needed the most at the moment.

Two containers were delivered to the most endangered families from the surrounding areas Kraljevo, Šumarice and Vitanovac, designated by the crisis committee of the city of Kraljevo.

Monday, December 6th, 2010
DTD RIBARSTVO sponsor of „December Zmaj days”
Company DTD Ribarstvo has supported, in the capacity of the general sponsor, DECEMBER ZMAJ DAYS - manifestation of ZMAJ GAMES, marking 177 years from birth of Јovan Јovanović – Zmaј, which represents and promotes creative endeavours of children and young people.

On December 6, 2010 representatives of DTD have presented, together with members of the panel and manager of the Zmaj games, the award “Rade Obrenović“ to the author of the best novel for children published during 2010, at a celebration held at the premises of the Zmaj children’s games.
Friday, July 9th, 2010
Promotion of a fish shop – Stari Merkator
Starting from July 1,.2010 buyers may enjoy the new DTD Ribarstvo fish shop at the market in Palmira Toljatija street (stari Merkator) in Novi Beograd.

On the occasion of opening of the new shop, the complete product range was available to the buyers at promotional prices (with a 10% discount) until the end of July.

The fish shop now has roasted fish on offer.

Working hours of the fish shop are:
Each working day (apart from Monday) and Saturday: 07-15h
Sunday: 07-12 h
Monday: non-working day

Contact telephone of the fish shop: 011 2605-433.
Monday, May 24th, 2010
DTD Ribarstvo at the agriculture fair
This year as well, company DTD Ribarstvo doo Bački Jarak has welcomed its business partners and potential clients who have visited the traditional 77th International agriculture fair in Novi Sad.

In spite of somewhat poorer weather conditions then in previous years, all who wanted to enjoy in the fresh air, silence next to the water and good fish stew, could have visited us in the open – DTD lake by the horse track.

As a recognition for all invested hard work in cultivation and equipping of the DTD lake, the company DTD Ribarstvo received from the Fair organiser a cup awarded to the participant with the best exhibition area.

77th International agriculture fair was held in Novi Sad in the period from May 15 to 22, 2010, and you can get the impression on how it went by looking at several photographs from the completed manifestation.
Wednesday, May 12th, 2010
Media Invent awards given out
At the premises of Matica Srpska in Novi Sad, on May 12th this year traditional republic awards “Captain Miša Anastasijević” were given out to distinguished companies, individuals and brands from all over Serbia for the results achieved in 2009.

The event has been organised for ten years jointly by Serbian Chambers of commerce, Media Invent from Novi Sad and Faculty of technical sciences from Novi Sad.

One of the recipients of this renowned award this year is Mr Tomislav Đorđević (“DTD Ribarstvo” doo, Bački Jarak) – for his contribution to development of entrepreneurship in Serbia.

The event was opened by Nikola Stojšić, president of the Vojvodina Chamber of commerce while the writer Pero Zubac spoke of the Serbian endowment traditions. Vlado Markanović, founder and manager of Media Invent spoke of the project “Road to the top”.

You may watch the photographs from the award ceremony here.
Monday, April 12th, 2010
Opening ceremony of the factory for fish feed production
On Monday, April 12, 2010, president of the province government, dr Bojan Pajtić commissioned a new factory for fish feed production, owned by DTD Ribarstvo doo, Bački Jarak.

This event was attended by more than 400 esteemed guests, and apart from representatives of the political elite in the country, it was complimented by guests from China (delegation of the Chinese embassy and representatives of the production plant in the recently opened factory), as well as by many business partners of DTD Ribarstvo.

Some details about the fish feed factory, DTD Ribarstvo doo, Bački Jarak:
  • production of feed for carp and trout farming,
  • value of investment: over 4 million EUR,
  • 95% of processes automatised and the most contemporary equipment in the country,
  • capacity: 12.000 t extruded feed / 40.000 t pellet feed,
  • separate line for production of premix,
  • separate line for production of medicated fish feed.
Until now, close to 30 million EUR was invested in development of new activities of DTD Ribarstvo, which complement “from field to table“ concept of the company. Complete planned cycle of investments will be done in 2011.

The next step for the company is opening a fish processing factory with a wide range of products, from fish processed products to ready meals and other fish products.

You may watch the photographs from the opening ceremony here.
Monday, March 22nd, 2010
Fish feed from Serbia in Belarus
At the invitation of the Chamber of commerce of Belarus, DTD Ribarstvo presented its latest products – RIBOKS (extruded fish feed) on March 18 in Minsk, in co-organisation with the embassy of the Republic of Serbia in this country and under the patronage of the ambassador, Mr Srećko Đukić.

After the introduction from our ambassador, representatives of DTD Ribarstvo presented their products at the Chamber of commerce of Belarus in Minsk – extruded feed for carp and trout and answered the questions of entrepreneurs from Belarus, regarding the quality, production and nutrition technology.

RIBOKS fish feed is the latest product from DTD Ribarstvo, of top quality which demonstrated remarkable results during trial production in Serbia.

In contacts with several managers of fish farms and representatives from science institutions in Belarus, it was agreed to intensify cooperation in the upcoming period so as to place the DTD Ribarstvo products on this market, because under the present terminology applied in Belarus, carp needs 3 years to reach 1 kg and with DTD fed that can be achieved twice as faster.

DTD Ribarstvo is a leading fish producer and distributor in Serbia and will hold an opening ceremony of a factory for fish feed production during April.

The plant was built as a greenfield investment valued at 4 million EUR and will employ over 50 employees in 3 shifts. Production capacity is 12.000 t of extruded or 40.000 t of pellet feed. 90% of domestic raw materials are used in production from their own agricultural production.

The above mentioned plant will be ready for production of medicated feed for all animals.
Friday, April 10th, 2009
Awards of the Novi Sad fair for DTD Ribarstvo products
DTD Ribarstvo winner of a charter for quality of fish and seven gold medals at the upcoming 76th International agriculture fair

At the traditional ball before the International agriculture fair, held on April 9, 2009 at the Master centre of the Novi Sad fair, participants received rewards for the best products in the category „Quality of meat and meat products“.

For products of its trademark “Ribella“, DTD Ribarstvo received 7 gold medals:

Sprat – grand gold medal
Ribella mackerel – gold medal
Ribella catfish fillet – pangasius – gold medal
Ribella hake fillet – gold medal
Hake Hek – gold medal
Hake Hoki – gold medal
Scorpion fish – gold medal

Same evening, DTD Ribarstvo was awarded by an expert jury of the upcoming fair with a special charter for fish quality.
Thursday, April 2nd, 2009
Renovated shop in Zvezdara
In its new reconstructed facility called Ribomarket (fish market) at the Cvetko’s market in Zvezdara, DTD Ribarstvo is continuing the tradition of fish sale, almost 50 years long.

Apart from traditional offer of live river fish, Ribomarket is also offering to the customers a wide range of sea products.

In this contemporary sale facility there is also a roasting section so the buyers may buy roasted fish – grilled or deep-fried.

Working hours:
from 07:00 to 16:00 h on working days
from 07:00 to 14:00 h on Saturdays and Sundays

Orders are accepted until 14:30 h on working days and until 12:30 h on weekends, at the telephone number: 011 2413 758.
Friday, March 27th, 2009
Agriculture fair again
Company DTD Ribarstvo will, as it did in previous years, greet its guests in two locations at the Fair – business partners and potential clients who visit the traditional 76th International agriculture fair in Novi Sad.

DTD Ribarstvo stand will also be placed this year at the hall number 23 of the Novi Sad fair, and everyone who wants to enjoy the sun and clean air may visit us in the open – at the lake by the horse track.

76th International agriculture fair is held in Novi Sad from May 09 to 16, 2009.
Friday, March 20th, 2009
Opening of the first Fish Bar
In mid-April Fish Bar will start operating as a new brand of DTD Ribarstvo!

This specialised facility (first of its kind in Novi Sad) will offer to buyers a wide range of roasted sea and river fish, as well as various salads and side dishes.

Fish Bar is located at the corner of Jireček and Fruškogorska streets (Liman 1), in Novi Sad.

Working hours will be from 08:00 to 22:00 hours and orders will be accepted also at the telephone number 063 580 967.
Monday, March 2nd, 2009
Discount sale of fish
With the purpose of better, faster and better quality supply of shops and wholesale buyers, in mid-March the company DTD Ribarstvo opened discount shops within its distribution centres. There the customers may buy fish in transport packages, at favourable prices.

Discount shops are located in:
  • Aleksinac–selo Vakup,
    tel: 018 803 186, fax: 018 803 185, Location on map

  • Jagodina-Aračlijski potok, Vladimira Đorđevića BB,
    tel: 035 228 305, fax: 035 240 427, Location on map

  • Čačak, Beogradska 3,
    tel: 032 223 329, fax: 032 353 353, Location on map

  • Novi Sad–Petrovaradin, Preradovićeva 7,
    tel: 021 432 398, fax: 021 431 388, Location on map

  • Beograd, Patrijarha Joanikija 2a,
    tel: 011 2321 876, fax: 011 2321 898, Location on map

Working hours of the discount shops:
Monday – Friday 07:00 – 15:00 h
Saturday 08:00 – 12:00 h
Monday, March 2nd, 2009
Promotional fish roasting
From March 2009 an initiative was started for free roasting of three products each month in all fish markets, as well as in other locations of DTD Ribarstvo and fish farms.

The buyers may place their orders and pick up the roasted fish at the following locations:

Novi Sad:
Limanska pijaca,Vere Pavlović, lok. 54, tel: 021 4893 234
Futoška pijaca, Jevrejska 24, lok. 35, tel: 021 528 226
Jirečekova (Liman 1), tel: 063 571 273

Zeleni venac, Gradska pijaca, lok. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, tel: 011 2628 185
Skadarlija 4, Zelena pijaca, tel: 011 229 866
Zvezdara, Cvetkova pijaca, tel: 011 2413 758
Banovo brdo, Zelena pijaca, tel: 011 254 4543
Blok 44, Zelena pijaca, tel: 011 155 360, 011 157 575
Pijaca Bežanijska kosa, tel: 063 581 763

Zelena pijaca, tel: 026 222 129

Zelena pijaca, tel: 013 518 281

Orders are accepted until 14:30 h on working days and until 12:30 h on weekends.

Working hours:
From 07:00 to 16:00 h on working days
From 07:00 to 14:00 h on Saturdays and Sundays
Monday – non-working day
Thursday, December 18th, 2008
Report of a major event
In line with Article 64. of the Law on market of securities and other financial instruments and Articles 6, 7 and 8 of the Rule book on the content and method of reporting by public companies, the stock issuer DTD Ribarstvo AD, Petrovaradin, Preradovićeva 7, engaged in activities of hatchery and farming of fish in fish farms, hereby publishes:


Stockholder assembly of DTD Ribarstvo AD, Petrovaradin was held on December 15, 2008 at 12, at the seat of the Company at Preradovićeva 7, where the following was adopted:


1. Appointment
  • of a note taker and two persons certifying the protocol
  • voting committee


1. Agenda
2. Protocol from the previous session of the Stockholder assembly
3. Decision on the change of form of organisation
4. Decision on the change and amendment of Articles of Association of DTD RIBARSTVO
5. Decision on harmonisation of the Company bodies with the new form of organisation

The text of passed decisions may be seen each working day at the legal department of the Company.

General manager
Mirjana Srijemac