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" I am immensely grateful to you for the product Silver Carp Pate. This fresh water fish spread should have existed for a long time! Firstly, thanks for the adequate price, for larger and smaller packaging, taste and quality of pates. Your pate is on my menu every morning, enough for one meal. I have brought my intestinal flora back to normal with your product at the age of 60. The way I feel is the best commercial for you. Please send me a brochure of your products, so I could use other of your products. Thank you for strengthening my decision to use only fish products, because we are a country with very low consumption of fish per capita. You are here to change this bad habit. Thank you for the good idea once again. I wish you success in business and good product placement.
Thank you for existing on behalf of all consumers!
Best regards to you, your employees and associates.”
Đurđa Gligorijević, Glavaševa 8, 11420 Smederevska Palanka, Serbia.