From farm to fork
DTD Ribarstvo is a company which has united crop farming, production of fish feed, processing and distribution and successfully applies the concept FROM FARM TO FORK which yields excellent results.

Crop farming production disposes with 4.120 ha of arable land and by using the most contemporary agricultural mechanisation enables breeding of cereal and oil crops as raw material base for fish feed. Crop farming production achieves above average yields and gives high quality raw material for the production of fish feed.

With the goal to achieve controlled fish quality and to intensify production in a two-year cycle, DTD Ribarstvo built a contemporary plant for production of extruded and pellet fish feed, with capacity of 10.000 t. Fish feed is placed on the market under the name Riboks.

By using the extruded feed Riboks at 4 own fish farms in Vojvodina, with the area of 1.100 ha, intensive production is achieved and the quality of fish meet which satisfies the highest customer demands. By breeding quality fish, mainly carp, the needs of the market and the consumers are met.

In order for the fish, produced at the fish farming facilities of DTD Ribarstvo, to reach the consumers in its most representative form, a fish processing factory was built with the most contemporary equipment for processing and packaging of fish. The newly built factory is one of the most contemporary ones in Europe and is one of the registered fish slaughter houses in Serbia.

Final products, fresh, frozen and smoked fish are placed on the market by DTD Ribarstvo under the trademark RIBELLA. The most contemporary hygienic packaging, modern, branded packaging and above all high quality recommend RIBELLA products to consumers.