About fish – fish in nutrition
Fish should be often present in human diet because it is rich in proteins and is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. On the other hand it has fewer calories than other animal origin foodstuffs.

Scientists all over the world have discovered that regular intake of fish – once to twice a week reduces the risk of various diseases.

Regular intake of fish reduces the risk of various diseases. Conditions where fish is an excellent prevention are asthma, cardiovascular diseases. Fish is also beneficial to the brain and the eyes, it reduces cholesterol, etc.

That is why DTD Ribarstvo strives to produce, by means of a complete circle from field to table, healthy and good quality fish, rich in vitamins and proteins.

With its new smoked products DTD Ribarstvo provides to fish lovers a healthy and balanced nutrition method and gladly recommends to the consumers to eat smoked products at least 3 times a week.